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Samsung ST100 Digital Camera

You know those fun little self-portraits you see all over Facebook where the photographer is attempting to take a self portrait, but failing miserably? Especially in the case of the bathroom mirror shots, where the Facebooker is not only giving us a glimpse of his or her face, but also of everything else in the room. Well, thanks to the Samsung ST100 digital camera, you no longer have to make those "in the mirror" self portraits! I'm pretty excited about the Samsung ST100 …

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Harley Davidson are known for creating some of the most stylish and innovative helmets on the market for motorcycle riders who want to stay safe and look their best doing so. As the laws regarding helmet usage grow around the US with more and more states making helmet wearing mandatory the choice of which helmet to wear becomes as much of a safety concern as it does about style. Harley Davidson are known for creating three distinct styles of helmet, which are the open face, modular or flip top and …

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As someone who manages a print shop as part of my daily functions for a major bank, the one item that continues to bother me with its pricing mechanism is our Ricoh high yield toner cartridges. As is typical with all electronics products that contain consumables, the companies that sell these expect to continue to reap profits after the initial product sale in selling cartridges over and over again. Some contracts specify free toner, or free up to so many replacements. However, those are tied into expensive maintenance contracts, which …

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Citizen Navihawk A-T JY8035-04E Reviewed

Back in July, my wife and kids surprised me with a watch that I had been, well, coveting for quite some time. Having caught my eye back when we first began dating, my wonderful wife remembered how much I liked it, and began saving sometime around the time of our engagement for the watch. That watch was of course the one you see here, the Citizen Navihawk A-T. What initially drew my attention to Navihawk was the black stainless steel dial and the black strap. You don’t see a lot …

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Chamberlain WD962KEV Garage Door Opener Review

I’ve used Chamberlain garage door openers in my homes for years, and for good reason: they just work really well! When it’s been time to replace whatever brand garage door opener my current home has installed dies, I replace it with a Chamberlain, knowing that I can confidently expect it to work.
This particular version that I’m reviewing today, the Chamberlain WD962KEV is especially good for a couple of reasons. One is their use of the belt instead of chain to drive the actual door open process. The other is the …

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Cub Scout Patch Layout

If you are like us, you want to save money wherever you can, and our Cub Scout activities are no exception to that rule! Cub Scout uniforms are pretty expensive, especially when you add up the shirt, the hat, the neckerchief, and the slide. Then you find that your little Wolf Cub Scout has to have all new hats, slides, and neckerchiefs next year, and it becomes a bit too much spending on one outfit. So, we've setup a page to help everyone find used Cub Scout uniforms! So whether you have a Tiger Cub, a Wolf Scout, a Bear Scout, or a Webelo, we want to have a place for you to go to find nice used Cub Scout uniforms for your son, grandson, or special little guy in your life!

MP3 Players

Apple iPod 6th Gen Nano

Some Apple iPod products are really built for the cute or "how neat" factor, and I think the 6th generation Apple iPod Nano fits that perfectly. Apple has managed to pack a lot of new features into the 6th generation Nano, features that buyers of the Nano brand may really want. But there are also a couple of features that have been removed from the 6th generation Nano, so you'll want to factor those into the cost of purchasing new.

Digital Cameras

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 10.1 megapixel compact digital camera is a premium product that is perfect for photography lovers that want a high quality point and shoot camera. For a compact camera, the DMC-LX5 seems to include many features that would normally not be found on a camera in this class range. But those features are items that photographers are looking for, and so we believe the DMC-LX5 makes an excellent compact camera choice.


Flip MinoHD Camcorder

The Flip MinoHD 8Gb Camcorder is an excellent video camera for the camera user who wants a camcorder that is light and easy to use. Flip markets the MinoHD as the sleekest HD camcorder in the world, and we think that might be the case! It can easily fit into any pocket, purse or fanny pack. The Mino HD camcorder is only 3.9” high by 2.0 inches wide and weighs just 1/3 of a pound making it very lightweight.


Harley Davidson Knucklehead

Nothing epitomizes the Harley lifestyle more than the Harley Knucklehead! First designed in the early '30's, the Knucklehead engine provided the necessary look to begin the chopper motorcycle run that lasts even through to this day. As we get further from the time period that the Knucklehead was popular, it becomes more difficult to find original Knuckleheads, but not impossible. What you can find here are Knucklehead engines, frames, and yes fully restored motorcycles....