A. Brandt Ranch Oak Furniture for Sale and Where to Buy

If you are here, then you know that A. Brandt Ranch Oak Furniture is at the top of most people’s list in top quality and collectible furniture. If nothing else, then A. Brandt Ranch Oak is absolutely the top vintage furniture collectors want when thinking of rustic or western styled furniture for the home.

A. Brandt Ranch Oak Popularity

The furniture was only produced between the 1930’s up until 1986 or so, but because the quality is so high for this furniture, and because it is so durable, the brand continues in use today in many homes around the Ft. Worth, Texas area and beyond.

If you are searching for Ranch Oak furniture to add to your own collection, there are a couple of ways that you can purchase it online. The first is the way that we are offering today, which is eBay. Most of the A. Brandt Ranch Oak furniture that you see on the market today is coming directly from estate sales, and eBay is where individuals, like yourselves, go to sell their furniture finds.  Since the furniture is post 1950’s era, check into that category here.

Whether or not you get a nice vintage collectible piece at a discount is to be determined by what you purchase. However a quick search does find A. Brandt Ranch Oak pieces in a large range between $75 and $1,500. Magazine racks and single chairs appear at the lower end of the price range, with dining room tables and bedroom pieces being at the upper end. During our research, we did notice an unusually high search for walnut dining tables, so expect to pay higher for those.

Where to Buy Locally

You might also try a local furniture broker to help you find a specific piece of A. Brandt Ranch Oak furniture. You will have to pay a finder’s fee to the broker if you purchase the piece or pieces they find for you. But if you find a good furniture broker, you will probably receive some guarantee of authenticity.

So that’s just a couple of ways to go about purchasing your own A. Brandt Ranch Oak pieces.  Let us know in the comments below if you know of some good quality places to purchase this furniture!  We’d love to hear from you!

1950's era dining room set

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