ADT Yard Signs for Sale

adt yard signsPerhaps this isn’t the best use of my time tonight, but I couldn’t get this little gem out of my head today! One of the perks of owning an ADT home security system is having those little blue “protected by ADT” signs for the yard, on the windows, or wherever else you might want to put them. Supposedly if the ADT yard signs are properly positioned, it should deter would-be thieves from attempting a break-in of the protected home or business.

High Priced Service

The problem with the little blue ADT yard sign? Well, ADT is a high quality service with a pretty steep price point. If you own a lot of valuables, then the money spent on an ADT system is money well spent, and should even help a little on the home’s insurance costs. I don’t own a lot of valuables, actually hardly anything, so having an ADT system is properly not a cost effective solution for my home in the long run.

That doesn’t mean that I want thieves to attempt a break-in though, so that’s where these ADT yard signs for sale come in (see eBay for the sales)! Just post one or two of these ADT yard signs in your yard and perhaps the chance of break-in is reduced by a thief seeing the sign and passing your house up for an easier target.

Not a Good Idea if You Don’t Have the Service

Just so we’re clear on this I should mention that there is no inherent protection in having an ADT yard sign stuck in the ground. We’re only trying to give any curious eyeballs a reason to skip the home in favor of one that might not have a security system. For a smarter or dare I say more professional thief, this sign just won’t stop him or her. These people will instead look for signs of a security system instead of just a plain sign.

If I were in a very high income neighborhood with half a million and up homes, I would much prefer to go with ADT itself or another security solution instead of attempting to fake out a thief. Because of the value of that type of home, the chance of getting in and out quickly even with a security system is sometimes more appealing than hitting a home in a lower priced neighborhood.

But for those of us who might live in those second-tier, $65k to $120k home value subdivisions, a fake ADT yard sign might just be the trick you are looking for to keep the thieves away and move on to some other person’s home.

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