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The latest news on the Nintendo 3DS has Nintendo lowering the price across the board on all 3DS hand-held consoles. Sales have not been as good as Nintendo expected, and so if you’ve been holding out for a price decrease for this coming Christmas, well, Christmas has come early!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Nintendo 3DS. In fact, it’s probably the best DS system so far, being that it’s taken everything great about the other DS systems, merged them into one, and then added the 3D capability. What has happened is the same thing that’s happened to most portable electronics: Apple and it’s iPhone and tablets. These have taken a bite out of Nintendo sales, making this price reduction a much needed boost!

We love the March releases from Nintendo, and this March release may be the best ever! Nintendo introduces the Nintendo 3DS handheld console in March of 2011, a further step forward in handheld console technology! The Nintendo 3DS features the ability to play 3D games on a Nintendo DS type platform, but without the need for special glasses.

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Plenty of 3D games have already been created for use on the Nintendo 3DS, and in a wide range of interests! Madden has a 3DS version out now for American football fans, and Pro Evolution Soccer for the other football.

Nintendogs+Cats, Ridge Racer, Zelda, Lego Star Wars, and many more will give the new owner plenty of opportunities to try out 3d on the Nintendo 3DS. Thankfully, Nintendo built the Nintendo 3DS so that you won’t have to purchase all new games with this system, but we’ll talk about that more a little later in our review.

You don’t actually have to purchase games to enjoy the Nintendo 3DS right out of the box because Nintendo included AR games into the console. Augmented reality games are simple little shooting games that are useful in getting the owner of the Nintnedo 3DS used to the 3D platform, but they are also pretty fun!

Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console Photos

Nintendo 3ds Pokemon Moon Nintendo 3ds XL Lime Green

There is another game included on the Nintendo 3DS, but that one involves the use of the cameras. Face Raiders takes photos you make of other people and places those photos in the game for some more shoot fun. Oh and yes, the 3DS has cameras, like the DSi, but these cameras are a bit special, as they allow you to take 3D photos (if you choose to do so). There are two cameras facing away from the 3DS to help create the 3D photos. One camera faces toward the holder of the Nintendo 3DS, to take photos of the holder, just like the DSi.

The Nintendo 3DS includes a 2Gb SD memory card for storing games downloaded from the Nintendo eShop, or for storing music files that you want to play on your new console. Any MP3 or AAC format music file can be played on the Nintendo 3DS. Larger SD cards can be inserted into the 3DS if you want to carry more than 2Gb of files.

The Nintendo 3DS is around the same size as the DS Lite (which gives Nintendo room to create larger versions in later releases). Screen sizes are also relatively the same, but if you’ve owned a Nintendo handheld console before, you probably already know that the 3.5″ display is the best for Nintendo. Anything larger (like on the DSi XL) just causes a choppy look to your games.

The controls on the Nintendo 3DS have been moved around a bit to make room for a new control. The circle pad has been added to the upper left of the bottom section. Think about the N64 controller’s analog stick, or the sticks on either the Xbox 360 or PS3, and that’s the kind of control that the circle pad on the 3DS is supposed to provide. To move back and forth in the 3D world, it makes more sense to have this control as opposed to just the cross keys.

Finally, back to something I mentioned in the first bit of this review. If the Nintendo 3DS is going to replace an already owned Nintendo DS, DSi, or DSLite console, almost all of the games you already own will play on the 3DS console. Games that included accessories plugged into the GameBoy Advance slot will not play on the 3DS, and so will need to be replaced if going with the newer Nintendo 3DS.

This is of course the first generation Nintendo 3DS console, and we’re guaranteed to see some sort of update next year at this time with even more new features (3D video maybe?). But if you enjoy playing with the latest technology, or (like me) know that almost every Nintendo console release elevates the console world to a whole new world, then you know that it’s worth it to try out the Nintendo 3DS. For new technology, something never done before, the current price of the Nintendo 3DS is hardly a bad deal, and does feel like a bargain to us!

Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console Specs

* Model / ASIN: (B002I096AA, B002I090AG)
* Why It Is Awesome: First console to introduce 3D gaming and does so without the use of special 3D glasses
* Colors: Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue
* Screens: Two LCD screens; top screen presents content in 3D at 640×480 resolution and is 3.53″ wide (diagonally); bottom screen is an LCD touch screen displaying at 320×240 resolution and is 3.02″ inches wide
* Cameras: Two rear facing games to capture 3D photos (or 2D if you choose); One forward facing camera to capture the gamer’s profile
* Backward Compatibility: Compatible with almost all Nintendo DS and DSi games
* Memory: Includes a 2Gb SD memory card for storage
* Inputs: Normal DSi controls with the addition of a circle pad for 360 degree gaming, and a gyroscope to sense motion and to play by moving the console up/down/left/right
* Power: Uses a proprietary Nintendo 3DS Lithium-ion battery pack; charge takes 3 1/2 hours to complete; the console will stay charged for 3-5 hours when playing in 3D mode; 5-8 hours when 3D is completely off
* Dimensions: 2 9/10″ x 5 3/10″ x 4/5″ (H x W x D) and only weighs 8 ounces (includes battery, stylus, and SD card)
* Release Date: March 2011

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