Pinarello Road Bikes for Sale

pinarello road bikes dogma f8
2016 Pinarello Dogma F8 road bike for sale

Pinarello is a bicycle company which features handmade road bicycles. The first of the well-known Pinarello road bikes was the Montello SLX.  It was ridden to victory by Alexi Grewal in the 1984 Summer Olympics.   Since that time, Pinarello’s have also been ridden to victory in the Tour de France by Miguel Indurain and the Giro d’Italia by Alessandro Petacchi.

The line of Pinarello road bikes rank way high on our list of the best of the best in road cycling.  When you look at the best, you will pay for the best. If you are looking here, you are probably like me and would love to head on down to the local bike shop and pickup a brand new Pinarello Dogma or Pinarello Prince. But brand new, these bikes are awfully expensive.

The good part about a high-end bike is in having a good bit of confidence that when looking at used Pinarello road bikes, the previous owner almost always has taken great care of the bike while in their care.

Buying a used Pinarello isn’t the same as buying a mountain bike. Those by design have probably gotten trashed by the previous owner. Nope, a used Pinarello road bike is almost always going to be in pristine condition when being sold online.  (See eBay for some great bargains).

The good part about used in bikes is that the buying procedure can be much like a care. Obviously there is no odometer on a bike.  You will find that previous owners of Pinarello road bikes are very careful to not how many miles can be estimated on the bike. So 5-10 year old Pinarello models are available, right along with brand new models.

And don’t forget the frames, too. It’s usually easier and cheaper to ship the Pinarello frame only, letting you finish the bike out in the components and wheels you want on your bike!

Among the favorite Pinarello road bike models for our visitors are the Pinarello Dogma FP with Campagnolo components, the Pinarello Paris Carbon with Dura Ace, and new Pinarello Prince frames (unbuilt). Find these models of Pinarello and more below, or use our search box at the top to locate your favorite bike!

Popular Models

Dogma – one of the newest Pinarello models available, the Pinarello Dogma is making a splash in a big way on road bike enthusiasts
Montello – can be very expensive Pinarello, but very much worth it!
Pinarello Frames – if you want to build your own Pinarello, then try our Pinarello frames for sale page.

We’re all very proud of our bikes, especially when we’ve just purchased them. Below is a Youtube video of someone proudly displaying their new Pinarello FP3 road bike. It’s a beautiful bike!