Canon Scan-tini P-150 Portable Scanner Review

scan-tini p-150 scanner

I wonder if the reasoning behind so many portable scanners is because each one is better than the last one made from the company or just to fit some little niche that people have expressed an interest in having. In the case of the Canon Scan-tini P-150, maybe it's a little bit of both. The niche aspect of the product appears to be able to make the unit more printer like in it's setup: it folds out so that it holds paper upright in the feeder, in pretty much the same way as the popular Neat Desk does. And it feeds in 15 pages per minute (much slower at higher resolutions) to get the work done quickly for the "busy" person. No standing around waiting on pages to feed when you have better things to do, right?

Canon Scan-tini P-150 Portable Scanner for Sale at Amazon

I said there might be two things (better or niche) and with the Scan-tini devices, that's a definite and it applies to all of the models. These portable scanners are a good bit better than other portables because of the paper feeder that folds out and allows the pages to be stacked like a normal scanner. The smaller models from other manufacturers are designed to be as small as possible while still allowing one to scan. The problem there is that typically one has to feed one page at a time, but with the Scan-tini devices you don't. Just stack up to 20 pages in and let it scan. It should complete all of them in under 2 minutes.

It's kinda funny that both reasoning have to do with the paper stack, but it's really the reason why these devices stand out from the pack. Others could be faster or have better resolution and most definitely will be a bit smaller. But none are able to stay as small as these devices to keep them portable yet provide the convenience of a stand alone scanner.

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There are several models of the Canon Scan-tini available with the 150 and 215 being the most popular versions. I however started this review on Wednesday because the P-150 was the "Deal of the Day" and I wanted to just see what would happen to the price of the unit a couple of days later. At that time, they lowered the price down to just below $100 from $265. Since it's gone back off the deal page the scanner sits at $249. It's interesting to note that the company would sell it for such a cheap price on that one day, yet still lowered it slightly after the deal was off. Some days the products stay at the deal price. In my mind if it goes back to close to the normal price, then the company really isn't interested in dumping their inventory, most likely due to a nice demand for the unit. On the other hand, if the price stays really low, then we're probably dumping inventory.

So what that really says is that support for the Canon Scan-tini P-150 scanner is still strong and will continue to be for a long while. With the product being just over 2 years old, that's a nice run for technology.

The only issue I have been able to uncover, for the Scan-tini P-150 at least, is the need to use two USB ports for it to function. One USB is for the power to the scanner and one is for the actual work being processed (scanned and stored). If your computer is limited on USB ports, then this will cause an issue for you.

Otherwise, I think the Canon Scan-tini P-150 scanner is the perfect choice for those people always on the run, not having time to go back to the office to scan documents. It's also a pretty nice choice for anyone who doesn't want to add another massive machine to their home desktop. Just fold this one away when not in use!

Product Specs

* Power: Via USB
* Scanned Pages Per Minute: 15 in black and white or 10 in color
* Paper Stand: Folds out and holds 20 sheets maximum
* Duplex: Yes
* Compatible With: Twain formats
* Not Compatible With: Thick paper and plastics (need the P-215 scanner for these type documents)
* Weight: Just over 2 pounds

P-150 Scanner Video Review - Youtube

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