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Cervelo P2 Road Bike
2010 Cervelo P2 for Sale

Cervelo is a developer of time trial and road bikes, but that statement is just a bit too bland to properly define them well, as Cervelo produces winners and not just run-of-the mill bikes! Winning has a lot to do with the rider, of course, but we can also point to the unique shape of the Cervelo frame in helping the Cervelo road bike owner to ride faster than the competition.

If you are researching a high-end Cervelo road bike, then you’ve probably seen the segments detailing the use of their own refined air foil technology to create uniquely styled frames with far less wind resistance than the competition.  The scientists go so far that they create bikes that aren’t allowed in competition due to their quickness. Most other frame designers use the same air foil technology, resulting in pretty much the same frames, or maybe guessing on how the frame will perform on the move.

A few Cervelo road bikes are more popular than the rest, so we’d like to point out a few that readers such as yourself have found to be more interesting! If your bike isn’t listed, feel free to browse the listings below.


Even more so than our loved Pinarello bikes, Cervelo road bikes do not come cheap at all.  See the prices at eBay if you don’t believe me. Yes, you can probably chalk some of that higher end price to the unique style of the frame.  If you want performance in your bike that matches the performance you expect of yourself, then the price of the Cervelo bike is going to be about in line.

But we spend a good bit of time searching for used Cervelo road bikes so we can save just a little bit of money here, letting those that might not be able to purchase that brand new bike a chance at a Cervelo still.

Of course with so much technology built into the frame, Cervelo road bikes are on the much higher end of cost in the road bike area. Our site aims to help you with the price by finding a Cervelo bike at a bargain. Chances are that every Cervelo you can purchase below will have been taken care of by their owner.  It takes a a lover of the best road bicycles to even think of purchasing a Cervelo bike!

Look for Cervelo SLC, P2C, P3C, and others above, or use our search in the top right to find your perfect Cervelo road bike!

Unique Shape of a Cervelo Road Bike

If you have ever seen a Cervelo road bike, chances are you remember it’s frame for the unique shape (Cervelo does produce standard bike frames also). Look for Cervelos below that have that unique down tube styling.

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