Downton Abbey Episode 6 Premieres on February 3rd Or Does It

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We in America have to wait a few months for each successive season of Downton Abbey to premier on our PBS (public television) stations. And it's not just the premiere, but every episode within the season requires us to wait 7 days between to see it. And due to the popularity of this one particular show, Americans go a bit nuts and have viewing parties so they can actively discuss the episodes before, during, and after.

With a new episode debuting this year on another big television day, February 3rd, which also happens to be Super Bowl Sunday, I wonder how many people will be in for a fight in who gets the right to choose football or an English period soap opera?

Well if you aren't too awfully cheap, you can actually have it both ways. For just $14, you can watch Episode 6 right now from Amazon's instant video! In fact, you will be able to watch EVERY episode because all of them are available right now through Amazon due to the way they setup the purchase. It's called a TV pass and requires one to purchase an entire season at a time. However, the usual catch is that you still have to wait until the new episodes premiere before they can be watched. But with imported shows like Downton Abbey, all episodes are available right now, so no waiting.

Of course, this being a site where we "find cheap bargains", dictating that one spends money when the same item can be had for free in just a few days seems inordinately against what we should stand for. But in thinking of those households who only have the one HD TV to watch or just the one comfortable spot, then spending a little more freely than normal might be a better idea to keep everyone in the house happy.

I think I may however just watch Downton Abbey myself for free on Sunday at 8pm Central. Seems weird that an American male might choose to watch this over football, but considering the teams in this game and the absolute overkill that's about to take place about two teams I could care less about...yeah a period drama might just be a better option.

Have fun watching whichever you want, but do think about purchasing this season pass to keep everyone happy. Who knows? The game may end up being terrible and your significant other might just want to help you watch the series with you!

Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 6 Sale at Youtube

If you would prefer to buy your entertainment from Youtube, you can buy a season pass there for $9.99. See the video below to get started.

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