Honda Goldwing Trikes for Sale

Most people think of motorcycles as a great little toy to have, but find it difficult to lay out the expense of the motorcycle when it’s just not practical to drive on a daily basis. However, there is a motorcycle that is available for daily riding and cruising, and that is the Honda Goldwing Trike.

The Honda Goldwing Trike is a customized Honda Touring motorcycle, usually a GL1500 (models between 1988 and 2000), GL1800 (beginning in 2001), HL1500, or HL1800. Of course, adding a third wheel does drive the cost up a little, especially since the customization is mostly a local shop customization, and not by Honda motorcycles.

Most people are aware that these motorcycles are really easy to maintain and for a seasoned motorcyclist, are quite easy to maneuver.  However, because many future owners come to motorcycle touring later in life, it’s easier and quicker to get started riding if you choose a Honda Goldwing trike!  Why, well mainly because of the three wheels which causing the stability of the motorcycle is much better.  This in turn makes riding the vehicle more enjoyable and less of a chore. Also, if you are carrying a passenger, and are not accustomed to doing so, then a Goldwing Trike is a better option for you.

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End Date: Thursday Aug-17-2017 8:51:57 PDT
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2001 Honda Gold Wing Honda Gold Wing

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1993 Honda Gold Wing Honda Gold Wing Trike

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Goldwing Trike Kits

Funnily enough most Honda Trikes are not manufactured by the company itself (as of this writing).  You can purchase Trike Conversion Kits for Sale (see eBay for do it yourself Goldwing Trike conversion kits), which will run you around $6,000 or $7,000 for the parts, plus labor costs.  However, with the Goldwing Trikes for sale below, you can purchase a brand new Honda Goldwing Trike for as little as $25,000.  Used trikes will run around that price or below, depending on the condition and the extras available for your Trike purchase.

In a normal economy the Honda Gold wing Trike would not be a cheap bargain, or highly discounted, but this isn’t a normal economy. You’ll find the Gold Wing trikes above to be mostly discounted deeply, as some people are finding the need to cut back on expenses. Probably 80% of the trikes we show will be used Honda Goldwing trikes, but one or two new trikes show up from time to time. If you have the money and the ability to purchase the motorcycle trike, then this should be a great time for you to make your first motorcycle purchase!  So become a Triker today by choosing a purchase option below!

As mentioned above, the Honda trikes for sale below are normally going to be from the models GL1500 and GL1800.

While the GL1500 can get you on a Goldwing Trike pretty quickly, the GL1800 is frankly where most of the riders of the the most popular trike conversion are at right now. The GL1800 is preferred because the extra motor size (6-cylinder, 1832cc displacement) allows for the additional weight needed for the trike conversion.

Specially Labelling

Specifically popular are the Goldwing Trikes labeled as HT1800. The HT1800 is modeled off of the GL1800 stock motorcycle, but has extra features like independent rear suspension, track stabilizers, and a shaft driven differential. Add in the additional storage which looks completely stock, and you’ve got the best Honda Goldwing Trike on the market!

The most popular customization feature right now are Trike CSC conversions, or the California Side Car attachment. The CSC conversions features plenty of chrome all around, ground effects, an upgraded suspension (based on Indy car designs), the Cobra disk brake system, as well as a few other options. Check out the Goldwing Trike CSC conversions below, or see our special page for just CSC conversions. CSC is also available in Valkyrie models!

honda goldwing trike gl1500

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