Loopers Movie Reviewed – Odd Plot Twist

No one from the Full House case ever appears in public, or at least not in a good way (I'm thinking the Olson twins here!). Out of all them, I would have not expected that Uncle Joey (Danny Coulier for those who know his name) would have been the one we're still watching on television or movies 20 years removed from the peak of that show.

Yet here he is appearing in move movies, actually good movies, than the rest of that cast combined. Just recently, he appeared in the hit movie Loooper with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. His role in this movie was actually key and not just a sub particle of necessary cast filling, and had him actually in charge of the protagonist part of Gordon-Levitt.

Nah, I'm just kidding. That wasn't Uncle Joey, but in fact Jeff Bridges in the role of Abe. But if anyone could look like an older Uncle Joey, then it would have to be Jeff Bridges, right?

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But Uncle Joey clone Jeff Bridges doesn't make the movie what it is. Instead, it's the intrigue of time travel and how time seems to loop in upon itself in the years of world 2044 and 2077.

Loopers are guys that live in the year 2044 and work for Abe in killing people that are sent back from the future. We're never really told how or why people are being sent back, but it doesn't matter. We just know a criminal outfit wants people dead, but wants to kill them and dispose of them in another world, a far distant past world.

Loopers only kill so many people and make it necessary for the criminal syndicate to at some point kill the Looper himself. When the Looper kills himself, he is released from servitude and is able to live out the next 30 years without a care in the world.

I won't give away more than that, and probably couldn't if I wanted to because there is so much going on in this movie. But what I will say is that one of the plots, which ends up being very central to the time traveling aspect is very disturbing.

I won't say what it is because it would just act as a spoiler, but I do suggest not letting young children hang around to watch it. The way that the future people attempt to take over on the syndicate just causes a severely disturbing point.

If you aren't easily disturbed, love science fiction and or intriguing movies like the Sixth Sense, then I strongly suggest Looper. If you don't like to see unnecessary violence, well then don't make it your first movie rental choice.

Official Looper Movie Poster

official looper movie poster

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