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Nexus 7 – 1 Year Review

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When there is nothing else to review, then go back over what's been done already, right? Up until a month ago, I could speak no ill words about my Nexus 7. The screen was bright, the OS completely stable, and the battery life was excellent. And then all of a sudden, it wasn't right. Meaning the battery life, in my case here. What's going on? Well, the battery takes a whole day to charge, making it virtually useless for most of the time. I have it on the charger for one day, and then the next, I can use it for maybe 4 to 6 hours (not continuously), and then it's gone again. 12 hours maybe to get the Nexus 7 charged, then 4 hours of use. Not exactly something you can count on.

So what to do with this issue I have? The simple solution seems to be in removing the battery, purchasing a new one, reinstall, and go on about my life. It's a good plan, a great plan, and a common sense plan, but the battery for the 7 costs around $75 to replace. That does include tools and a guide to redoing. If you want to just replace the battery itself without help, then maybe $40 for a battery from an eBay seller.

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Does that make sense when I know my 7 is an original, manufactured in December 2012, and the latest model is just $229? The new model has better performance, more storage, better features. Does it make sense to replace my battery when a new model is so cheap?

And then there's the new model's ability to provide more usage: 10 hours of continuous web browsing and 9 hours of video. That's more than enough to get through most family trips and adventures, keeping the kids occupied for the majority of the time.

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Mentioning family, the additional processing power available on the new model will actually allow multiple sign-ons to the device,letting everyone keep their settings and files separated. The old one would allow this to, but it caused severe performance problems when adding just one more account.

However, spending $230 on a new tablet wasn't exactly what I wanted to do with my money or my budget this close after Christmas. It may instead be the best option to just see if I truly need a tablet in my life or if I can go back to just doing without it.

If you need help removing your old battery, watch this Youtube video. It's easier than you might think to replace it, as long as nothing has broken internally.

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