Nexus 7 2 – Redux

I bought my Nexus 7 knowing full well that I was getting a bargain price because the newest version of the device was to be released shortly. However, barring a total redesign, I highly doubted that the new iteration would bring more than an extra camera on the back side and an increase in processor speed. And that's just about what Google has done, and really that's all they needed to do. Short of coming up with a better name (Nexus 7 2 ?) what more could they bring currently to the mini tablet market?

The latest release features that new back camera, a full 5 megapixel camera just like the iPad mini. More on this later (maybe).

And the processor is now a 1.5GHz processor instead of the just a bit slower 1.2GHz. Google accomplished this task by dropping the Nvidia processor and instead going with Qualcomm. I find this a bit odd because Nvidia is more of a gaming processor while Qualcomm is more communications. And the Nexus 7 should in fact be at least thought of as a gaming device. But still, this quicker speed will work just fine.

What really matters to me anyway is the RAM. It's been doubled from a paltry 1Gb to 2Gb. Why this matters goes deep into how Google wants us to be able to use this tablet as a family device instead of just an individual user. And if you want to add additional users, we've gotta have more RAM.

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As I found out on my own tablet, setting up additional profiles for the kids is a great feature, but it slows the table down even with just two profiles. Wanna add more, and you'll have a device that barely runs.

So the better CPU and RAM make for a more friendly tablet. And that camera additional does make it much easier to take shots on the go without every shot being a "selfie". And the smaller size of the tablet makes one look less like a goober when taking photos. But just a bit, only because the iPad looks so helplessly goofy when used as a camera.

If you don't care for an extra camera, and have no need for multiple accounts, look for the original N7 to be bargain priced as of right now. However, these additions should make it far more appealing than an iPad Mini at this price point. You get more RAM, a faster CPU, less weight, and a better display all for $100 less.

Nexus 7 II Front Back and Side

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