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NPower Powerpack Emergency Power Source Review

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I forget that there is a chance of the power actually going off since all of the lines are underground and these outages happen so rarely. Well rarely as opposed to what we experienced growing up in rural Mississippi when a strong gust would knock the power out for hours. But with the strong storms that seem to continue to roll in here lately, the power has shut off several times in the past week and it's time to think about something to help alleviate the dead time in between.

I can't afford a full generator, and I'm not sure that my neighbors would appreciate the noise of one anyway. So I'm more inclined to go with something like the NPower 400 Watt Powerpack seen here.

Okay so wait a minute: this device looks like a powerpack that you would use to jumpstart a car's dead battery. It has the clamps on either side, so why am I talking about interior power? Because this little device can be used for both of those applications, plus it includes a small energy efficient LED light to help get the device operational in either of those cases.

NPower Powerpack Emergency Power Source for Sale at Amazon

NPower Powerpack Emergency Power Source with Air Compressor - 500 Amps, 400 Watts NPower Powerpack Emergency Power Source with Air Compressor - 500 Amps, 400 Watts
Sale Price: $129.99

It is however meant to be more of a car charger than to generate enough power to run your home, so that internal battery isn't expected to last as long as a generator should. If you get 3 hours of continual charging of your phones, laptop, and a light, I can certainly see that being at the upper limits of its power abilities.

But still, you are left with a better solution than just purchasing a Duracell PowerPack, which is truly only meant for jump-starting cars. The NPower includes ports for USB and AC or DC power, so you can fit whatever you need for charging quickly.

There is also another instance that the NPower could be useful for and that is airing up tires. Yes, it also includes a mini air compressor for getting you out of a really stuck situation. I do have to say "mini" purposefully though because it's not a quick compressor and it's not going to be able to keep airing tires over and over without a charge. The compressor does use up a lot of energy and will require a recharge on the device sooner than with the other uses of the product.

New and Used NPower Emergency Powerpacks for Sale

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NPower Dominator 1000 Powerpack System -30 Ah Battery
NPower Dominator 1000 Powerpack System -30 Ah Battery
Selling for Only: $219.99
Sale Ends In: 9d 58m

NPower Powerpack Emergency Power Source w/Air Compressor-500 Amps 400W
NPower Powerpack Emergency Power Source w/Air Compressor-500 Amps 400W
Selling for Only: $129.99
Sale Ends In: 16d 23h 42m

I think I've mentioned the shortcomings of the NPower more than I meant to here, but I want everyone to understand that this device is a primary energy solution for immediate emergency situations. It was not built for nor designed for a long term solution. Dead batteries, flat tires, powering phones and laptops for continuous communication is the idea here.

And that's really all most of us need. Hurricane Sandy situations don't come up that often for individuals. But overnight storms that involve strong winds and tornadoes do happen on a regular basis. And it's nice to know that you've got a solution that will help out when a small emergency takes your power out of commission.


* Amps Provided: 500
* Wattage rating: Up to 400 (small appliances, laptops, phones; no ovens, refrigerators, etc)
* Built-in Battery: 12 Volt
* Car Battery Clamps: Yes
* Air Compressor Max: 150 PSI
* Voltage Inverter: Yes
* Weight: 19 Pounds

NPower 400 Watt Powerpack Review - Youtube

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