Panasonic DVD-LS86 Portable DVD Player

Watch movies on the go with the Panasonic DVD-LS86 Portable DVD player. Weighing only 2.5 lbs, it combines portability with entertainment for vacations, hotel stays, or integration into your home theater system. The thin and lightweight design boasts optimal convenience. The DVD-LS86 model has many features to offer.

Enjoy high-resolution on the 8.5" LCD pivoting screen, complete with speakers that provide built-in Dolby Digital and DTS sound. Change brightness and color settings on the picture control for bright or dim lighting. Cinema Mode is a Panasonic DVD-LS86 feature that lessens glare, makes the picture more cinema-like in appearance, and creates a pleasing picture resolution. This Cinema Mode feature also enhances details in dark movie scenes with an auto-detection feature. MPEG Digital Noise Reduction is another helpful feature offered on the DVD-LS86 that cleans up visual noise around objects, giving you a cleaner and more distinct picture. Anti-skip technology allows for interruption-free performance for those bumpy car rides or flights.

Panasonic DVD-LS86 Portable DVD Player for Sale at Amazon

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The Panasonic DVD-LS86 Portable DVD Player offers support for a wide range of music and DVD formats, including recorded selections like DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD, CD-R, and CD-RW discs. Music formats include most MP3, MPEG4, and WMA just to name a few. Enjoy photos with JPEG photo playback. Advance surround sound gives you a home theater effect using only the front two speakers. The dialogue enhancing feature regulates loud sounds coming from other speakers in home theater systems, for optimal sound quality. Dual headphone jacks are provided.

Tired of running out of power on long commutes? The Panasonic DVD-LS86 offers 13 hour playback with its built-in rechargeable battery, allowing you to watch several movies off of a single battery charge. A car adapter is included.

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Panasonic DVD-LS86 Portable DVD Player 8.5
Panasonic DVD-LS86 Portable DVD Player 8.5" Up to 13 hrs Playback

Selling for Only: $34.99
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Panasonic DVD-LS86 Portable DVD Player

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