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Primus Classic Trail Stove Review

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If you drift into REI into the campstove section, you'll be faced with a myriad of stoves in what literally looks like all shapes and sizes. Full camp stoves, the "Jet Boil" variety, and then the backpacker stoves all seems to have been designed for one particular niche issue or problem faced by the camper or hiker. But for the most part, most of these stoves can be eliminated as overkill or too much function built into something that is simply needed to heat food and water. Trail stoves, or the minimalist style stoves, are usually the best choice for hikers and backpackers, but frankly can be used for any trip of 4 people or less.

These trail stoves can also lead to confusion, so I thought it best to just stick with one of the originals and one of the cheapest: the Primus Classic Trail stove. Selling for just south of $25 usually, the Classic Trail stove weighs just 8 ounces and consists of just two parts: the pot or pan support which includes the stove head and the ignition module which connects the fuel canister to the stove top. You do of course need the fuel canister to create the stove, so we'll say 3 parts to the stove just to make it simple.

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Primus Classic Trail Stove Primus Classic Trail Stove
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The Primus Classic Trail stove is also very easy to light. Screw the ignition module into the stove head (making sure the knob is turned all the way to the right in the closed position), then screw it down into the fuel canister, making sure to not cross-thread and with a seal that doesn't allow the gas to escape from the O-ring within the ignition. Next turn the gas knob slightly to the left until you can hear the hissing of the gas. Using a match or a lighter held close to the stove head, the stove should auto light based on the flame source.

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Selling for Only: $15.00
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Primus Camping & Hiking Classic Trail Stove With OUT Piezo Ignition 224383
Primus Camping & Hiking Classic Trail Stove With OUT Piezo Ignition 224383
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Primus Classic Trail Powerful Gas Stove For Campsite Cooking
Primus Classic Trail Powerful Gas Stove For Campsite Cooking
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Primus Classic Butane Trail Stove
Primus Classic Butane Trail Stove
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Primus Classic Trail Stove
Primus Classic Trail Stove
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The Primus Classic Trail does of course need a container of some sort to hold whatever it is you want to cook or boil. You could use a kettle, and you could just bring a whole dinner kit to setup. But that's not what we do in the backpacker/hiker world. Nope, I try to limit what I'm carrying around and Primus has a solution that works well for me. Their LiTech Trek Kettle features a folding handle saucepan with a top that also doubles as a frying pan (also with a folding handle). So I can cook two different things here, or I can boil water and cook, or whatever. The bonus is that the smaller fuel canister along with the Classic Trail stove both fit directly into the saucepan, giving me a nice minimalistic setup for a backcountry stove.

There is one thing I don't like, but I think I can get over it. These portable stove manufacturers recommend using their fuel canisters or risk voiding warranties. Unfortunately, Primus canisters are not something I can usually find in my local area. Actually, never. Even the stove itself came from out of state, so finding that canister is nearly impossible. But our local Dick's Sporting Goods does carry MSR canisters, which have the right threaded cap for the stove, so I think I'm okay there. Not sure about what I could get out of the warranty by using the right canister anyway, and since the fuel itself is governed to be consistent with each maker, there is nothing special inside.

The Primus is my go to for boiling water destined for hot chocolate on these cold fall mornings, and I think it should be your choice also. The cheap price alone should put it at the top. But please don't let that price scare you away. The company was very close to the first in designing these devices for backcountry use and doesn't spend anytime marketing them. The more expensive ones found at REI do cost more probably because of the advertising they must do.

primus classic trail stove

Youtube Video Review of the Primus Stove

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