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Like the stock market, the market for comic books fluctuates. The price for old comics goes up during some periods, but then shoots off downwards in others. Right now, with the sheer amount of comics available on the market, the prices on collectible books has taken a tremendous hit, making even the worst bank stock a better value!

But that's great news for those of us who love a good story and there are plenty out there that can be purchased fairly cheap. Entire story arcs or limited series that were spectacular during their time. One of the best in my opinion is Spider-Man Blue and it's available for less than the cost of any new range of books available currently.

Spider-Man Blue is a 6 issue story arc retelling the story of how Peter Parker fell in love with Gwen Stacy. But it has a twist, in that it's a narrative from Peter retelling the story into a tape player on Valentine's Day sometime in the future. He says that he feels "blue" and doesn't feel much like being someone's Valentine but feels instead like talking to Gwen.

Of course we all know that Gwen died early on in the Spider-Man canon. So we know what happens to her in the end. But Spider-Man Blue isn't about how Gwen died. It's about how Peter Parker fell in love with Gwen and she with him. In fact, it gradually leads to that conclusion in the end, on Valentine's Day. There's no harm in disclosing that in my retelling here.

Spider-Man Blue Comic Book Series for Sale

Spider-Man: Blue Loeb, Jeph/ Sale, Tim
Spider-Man: Blue Loeb, Jeph/ Sale, Tim
Selling for Only: $17.89
Sale Ends In: 1d 6h 39m

Spider-Man Blue #4 2002 Tim Sale Jeph Loeb Marvel v
Spider-Man Blue #4 2002 Tim Sale Jeph Loeb Marvel v
Selling for Only: $2.50
Sale Ends In: 3d 12h 6m

Marvel Spider-Man: Blue by Jeph Loeb Tim Sale Graphic Novel ISBN: 0785110712
Marvel Spider-Man: Blue by Jeph Loeb Tim Sale Graphic Novel ISBN: 0785110712
Selling for Only: $39.00
Sale Ends In: 3d 18h 5m

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Except, that's not the ending. Throughout Blue, we also see how Peter first met Mary Jane Watson and the dynamic of Gwen and MJ vying for Puny Parker's affections. We see how Peter goes from being an outcast with the guys to someone who they could actually get along with post High School. We see him end up with Gwen almost at the end, but at the true end we see that Mary Jane has been listening to the narrative all along. She seemingly understands and tells Peter that she misses Gwen, too, and walks back down the stairs, leaving Peter to finish the narrative in the blue moonlight.

Blue is probably one of the saddest books available from the Marvel universe, and has to be the saddest feeling in the Spider-Man line. The whole aura of the books is styled with a bluish tint. The upper room where Peter is talking into the tape recorder is lit in a blue moon fashion. The narrative boxes are tinted blue. All of the characters and or the backgrounds are styled in this blue moon tint. It's not sad because Gwen dies in the end; she does not and they don't show it. It's the memories of the good times between the bad times that make the story.

Yet with all of this depressed styling, the art and story story are just beautiful. Peter has more soul, more depth in Blue than found in any other book. Very little of the slapstick humor is found within, but that's been seen since with the Civil War period and the breakup of the MJ/Peter marriage. But this, this is more life-like, more painful feeling, like the narrator has really lost someone.

A lot of people did not like Spider-Man Blue when this limited series came out. They didn't like how Mary Jane was portrayed a little more seriously and they didn't like the redo of the famous "just his the jackpot" moment when Peter sees MJ for the first time.

Oh and the creepiness of Peter talking to a dead girl in the attic is a little odd for some to take. But I think that's easily understandable. Many people probably reminisce on lost loved ones in a lot of different ways. Peter wanting to record the memory on a tape recorder doesn't seem all that strange to me. No more strange than standing in the cemetery talking to deceased relatives. In fact, to set the book on Valentine's Day in a cemetery would have absolutely made the book far more creepier.

As I stated, you can get the whole 6 issue limited series for $16 plus shipping online to just have a copy. There are graded issues that run higher than this, but for someone who just wants to collect the best stories and the best art, buying the whole arc for less than $3 a book sounds perfect.

There is also a hardcover edition of the comics sold as well, but collectors want the original and not the compiled edition that was sold 7 years later.

Spider-Man Blue Issue 5 Cover

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