Stihl Chainsaws

Only second to the Husqvarna chainsaw, Stihl chainsaws are one of the most popular chainsaw brands of the people who visit our stores. Among Stihl chainsaws, almost any of the chainsaws with the model number beginning with “MS” are very popular, such as the following:

  • MS200T
  • Stihl MS 260 Pro
  • MS 290 Farm Boss
  • Stihl MS 361
  • MS440 Magnum chainsaw
  • MS 660 Magnum

As mentioned, when you are thinking about purchasing a chainsaw, one of the best brands to buy from is Stihl. Stihl has been manufacturing chainsaws for about the last 70 years. The company specializes in making a wide variety of portable power tools that are both gasoline and electric. In 1926, Andreas Stihl developed the first electric chainsaw. Stihl’s chainsaw made the lives of many farmers and woodcutters much easier.

Stihl MS 362 Chainsaw

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PILTZ Stihl MS170 HOT SAW 18 inch bar Perfect CHAINSAW

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Stihl MS660 Magnum Gas Professional Chainsaw with 24" Bar

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Stihl MS291 Chainsaw With 18" Bar

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History of the Stihl Chainsaw Design

Over the many years that Stihl has been making chainsaws many changes have been done. A reduction in weight and an increased in operating efficiency is a major reason why the chainsaw is no longer restricted to just woodcutting industry. Since it has been engineered so differently its weight to power-chain ratio is one of the best in the industry. Some features that have been added to the newer model chainsaws are anti-vibration system, the Easy2start system, and improved shock absorption has made the chainsaw so versatile.

stihl ms170
The Stihl MS170 Chainsaw

The Easy2start system makes starting the world’s most dangerous power tool an effortless exercise. Stihl Chainsaws cut through the toughest wood and are surprising shipped to over 140 countries mainly for this reason alone. Most experts will personally recommend buying a Stihl as it is one of the most respected chainsaws in the world. Stihl chainsaws are known for their longevity of use even thought the key component of a long life is properly using and maintaining the chainsaw. So if you are going to buy a chainsaw, one of the best ones in the market that is not hard on your wallet has to be Stihl.

A few comments from our visitors:

OK fellas, Stihl used to make a quality product…and to an extent they still do. I have 6 stihl saws right now. That said, the older saws were tougher. I used a 020 for 20 years, and my 031 and 041 for 30, until the government started putting ethanol in the gas which ruined the lines, and carbs. So I decided to upgrade my antiques instead of replacing parts. I bought a MS170 and was I disappointed… cheap plastic parts and the thing couldn’t take a punishment… same with the MS250 I have… the bigger saws are also made cheaper with plastic, but they can still take a beating. My MS310 replaced my or 031AV and it was an improvement… lighter and more power. I’ve been cutting with it for about 10 years and had no problems. The MS460Mag feels like it has less power than my old 041… and I won’t use the 28″ bar on it as it doesn’t have enough push (could probably open the exhaust for more HP I guess).

I only use the 20 inch bar for felling smaller trees and blocking firewood. The MS660 is a bear. Big bar(28-32)felling saw and I couldn’t be happier… well I could be happier if it didn’t cost over a grand. So I perfectly understand all your feelings but I will stay with Stihl because i can blow off the dirt and oil, put them away and when I take them out 3 months later I know they will start right up… never could do that with my huskies. I have a great dealer who stands behind his product and fixes any problem I have had, and then he argues with Stihl and leaves me out of it. He tells me the quality has slid down a bit, and they are more expensive to rebuild because of new design components. I haven’t rebuilt a MS saw yet, so I guess I’m lucky… or maybe using proper mixture or oil/fuel and cleaning them monthly has helped…

Thanks for listening to my two cents

Big Lou
New York

And Another…

You guys are idiots, stihl is the best saw money can buy period. They dont break like john said, he must have bought a knock off or something. I own a ms440 magnum and have never had one problem with it at all! My buddy has an ms 290 and it fell out of the back of his truck at 55mph and all it did was scratched it up a little bit! it started on the first pull and ran just fine!! Stihl wont sell out like husqvarna and poulan so people ignore that comment john said, he dosent know what he is talking about! BUY A STIHL YOU WONT REGRET IT!


They Went Back and Forth A Bit..

bull s#$@ i had a new stihl ms 280 i cut 4 cord with the junk and the oiler broke. the handle broke and the brake broke. they charge me 23.59 for a tear down fee. gave it back with the parts in a bag. . i told them what was wrong, there was no need to tear it apart. i just wanted a price to fix the oiler. also i wanted them to call stihl to fix the handel and brake. they did not so i did and stihl said for me to eat it.at stihls prices it will cost me 100.00 per cord.

i use 4 cord a year. it would be cheaper to buy 2 cheep chain saws and have money left over for gas and oil and get 20 cords. it is stupid to buy a name like stihl to let someone see. that i have a stihl!!! big deal. This design is very Poor ,quality is low, very low standard, end result piece of junk “THE STUPID NEITHER FORGIVE NOR FORGET ‘’ stihl said that is how they stay in business. what did he mean by that they make junk to sale more. i do not think so..


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