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The Bourne Legacy – A Movie Reviewed

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All I could think about while watching The Bourne Legacy was that if this were true, the CIA and the powers that be were really having a bad couple of years. Because in parallel with the Legacy is the storyline for the Ultimatum. Jason Bourne is causing havoc in New York City and so a vast majority of resources are already involved there.

The Legacy differs in the Bourne series with the use of differing operations. Where the latter has the protagonist in a group called Treadstone, with the agents being enhanced with mind protocols, the Legacy agents are more enhanced with drugs. Drugs that give them almost super human strength along with greatly enhancing their brain performance.

This is called Operation Outcome and like Treadstone (or Black Briar) there are agents scattered across the world. And because of how Bourne is progressing in taking down those two Ops, the head of Outcome decides to cut their losses and kill all operatives.

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They mostly succeed by switching the operatives to new meds that terminate their lives, but for a few a drone attack is in order. Unfortunately for those in charge, the operatives have enhanced hearing and one agent manages to avoid the drone attack by removing himself from the location and destroying the drone.

Just like the other Bourne movies, this movie is fast paced and action packed, with the protagonist on the run from those who seek to end his life as quickly as possible before he causes a mess.

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Would it be too far if I told you they don't succeed? That might be a spoiler, but for fans of Robert Ludlum's books, you know that for the most part they do not with people close to the operatives being caught in the crossfire along the way.

The whole movie is a nice thrill ride for those who like spy movies that move a bit quicker than an old James Bond flick. As for the actors, Jeremy Renner seems to be everywhere right now. Mission Impossible and The Avengers with a couple of other movies in the middle and in the works. He does a great job of taking up where Matt Damon left off, even though this is a story altogether different in the characters.

Unfortunately, the movie came out as a loss for the studio, with the possibility of breaking even as it turns to video. So it looks like Bourne might not continue on after this fourth installment. So enjoy it while you can!

Bourne Legacy Official Trailer - Youtube

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