The Return of the Balance Ball Chair

It's January, and I can't think of a more perfect time to purchase a chair that purports to help one exercise while sitting at the desk and yet makes you feel like an absolute dork at the exact same time! The Balance Ball Chair (sometimes referred to as a Yoga Chair) features an inflatable exercise ball resting on top of a four wheeled chair platform with a built-in back rest.

The Balance Ball Chair for Sale at Amazon

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (Black) Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (Black)
List Price: $79.98
Sale Price: $79.79
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Made popular by Gaiam, the ball was initially its own product that could be used to for several exercises created just for the device. But then the company found that a lot of people were using the ball as a chair. However, it was just a bit too low for most real applications so the company designed the chair piece specifically for the 52-centimeter sized ball and the legend of the ball chair began.

New and Used Gaiam Yoga Chaisr for Sale

OpenBox Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, Blue
OpenBox Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, Blue
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NEW Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair FREE SHIPPING
NEW Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair FREE SHIPPING
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Balance Ball Chair Yoga Fitness Home Office Pilates Core Workout
Balance Ball Chair Yoga Fitness Home Office Pilates Core Workout
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Having owned one of the balls, I can attest to only the fact that it does in fact make a pretty good chair outright. Although I definitely felt it was a bit too low and needed additional air after a few days just to increase the height back to what I was comfortable using. What the ball is actually designed to do is to help take pressure off one's back by reducing the bottom up force provided in a traditional chair or bench. Alignments of the spine are also specifically suggested as opportunities for using the chair to increase your overall health.

But I didn't particularly get any of that myself, or at least I didn't experience MORE pain due to sitting on a ball. What I did find myself doing was bouncing up and down on it instead of bouncing my leg around in my usual "restless leg" manner. Maybe it's good for treating restless leg or maybe it just makes the owner restless all over, but it is kinda fun to bounce around on a ball while working (although bobbing around does make computer screens hard to read).

On a serious note, if you do have back pain, I would suggest going to a doctor first before prescribing a treatment of a ball chair to help alleviate the issue. This may in fact make it worse if you have pains that need to be treated and managed more appropriately.

But if you like the novelty of doing something out of the norm, and don't mind drawing attention to yourself at work with this chair, then heck go for it!

Amazon has the Gaiam chair on sale during January, as is their usual custom during the highest times of exercise interest. The prices will increase throughout the year once through February).

gaiam blue balance ball chair

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