Used Polaris Transmissions

used polaris transmissions for sportsman 850If you are searching for a good used Polaris Transmission for your Polaris four wheeler or ATV, then we are here to help! Below you will find a large selection of used Polaris Transmissions for such vehicles as the Sportsman, the Scrambler, and the Trailblazer among others. Looking for transmissions for the Polaris Ranger Rzr utility vehicles? They are here too (4×4 and 6×6 transmissions).

Why Buy Used

We don’t have to tell you that a good used Polaris transmission can be a better bargain than a new transmission (see eBay to find out how). Especially on older Polaris ATV models, where you don’t want to spend as much as money to get your old Polaris ATV back in running order. New transmissions on older models can sometimes cost as much as the ATV is worth, so it’s better to go with a used transmission. Therefore, this page only specializes in used Polaris transmissions, with the only exception being that some of the transmissions do include the clutch and belt (although not all).

OEM Parts

Almost all of the used Polaris transmissions shown are OEM, although there are some aftermarket varieties. If you need one or the other, be sure to check the product before making your purchase. Other Polaris transmission known to be available at times are designed for the Predator, Magnum, Trail Boss, and the Outlaw, but our selection is not limited to a particular model, and will show any Polaris transmission as it becomes available. Be sure to bookmark our page if you cannot find the transmission you need to fix your Polaris ATV’s transmission.

Buying Used Polaris Transmissions



Please verify the lifetime use of the transmission.  Replacing these parts is a major undertaking.  Learning your transmission is shot after the install is frustrating.