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If you are searching for some of the first Jeeps ever built, then our page of Willys-Overland Jeeps should be just what you are looking for! The original Willys pickup trucks were built in 1947 to take advantage of the popularity of the Willys caused by their abundant use during World War II. Full production of the Willys Jeep truck continued as the popularity of the early Jeep increased and faded all the way through 1965, a nice 18 year run!

Today, there are very few Willys-Overland Jeep pickup trucks still around, so if you are interested in purchasing one of your own, the selection below is probably your best best to pick up your very own Willys! As a collector, try to locate a 1947 model, as this is one of the most sought after Willys Pickup trucks (and one of the most expensive). But since the truck is no longer in production, almost every Willys model is sure to be a great addition to any collection!

If you’ve already purchased your Willys Overland Jeep pickup truck, and you didn’t buy a fully restored model, then you will definitely need a few parts to go along with your “new” project! There are dozens of parts you can choose from which you may want to purchase as original equipment or vintage parts like the PTO unit, a steering wheel, or headlight assemblies. Then other Willys Overland pickup parts which you’ll want to purchase new like clutch covers, brake lines, and other types of seals.

  • Willys Clutch Parts
  • PTO Units
  • Willys Steering Wheels

Willys Pickup Truck Photo

1952 Willys Pickup1948 Willys Pickup

Willys Pickup Truck – Youtube Video Review

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